Bipolar Ion System - Thunderbox®

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Bipolar Ion System - Thunderbox®

Thunderbox® is a registered trademark of ETS Products Group and opens a new chapter in air purification.

The ETS Bipolar Ion System - or Thunderbox® for short - replaces traditional plasma technology as an option in air purifiers.

Specially developed energy sources with lower voltages and adapted control electronics distribute a significantly stronger and longer-lasting plasma throughout the room.

The effects are a refreshing air, higher oxygen saturation, destruction of viruses, bacteria and organic matter in the entire room and not just near the air purifier or through the filtration.

The plasma alone is able to kill viruses within seconds. In combination with our other filter stages in the air purifiers, we offer you the safest system possible according to the current state of the art. The risk of infection is significantly reduced once again.

Plasma technology - The reproduction of a natural phenomenon

Every energy field generates more or less plasma. In a thunderstorm the effect becomes very clear. Everyone knows the feeling that the air is much fresher after a thunderstorm. Often one breathes then really deeply. Not for nothing there is the phrase "a thunderstorm cleans the air".


The generation of ions indoors not only freshens the air, but destroys viruses, bacteria and other pollutants in the air and on surfaces!

How does Thunderbox® work?

Einstein already proved that there is a fourth state in nature besides solid, liquid and gas - the plasma. In contrast to standard needle systems, the plasma of the ETS Thunderbox® is balanced between positive and negative particles and is many times stronger. With needle systems the plasma exists for a few seconds, the Thunderbox® generates a permanent plasma, which lasts for hours and fills the entire room.

Is plasma dangerous?

No, the plasma generated is harmless and the same plasma that occurs in nature.

For many years, the positive effect on humans has been researched and known in numerous studies. There are no side effects.

Bipolar Ionensystem – Thunderbox®

What are the advantages of using the Thunderbox®?

  • Pollutants and organisms in the air are destroyed.
  • Pollutants and organisms on surfaces are destroyed.
  • The blood circulation is promoted.
  • The oxygen saturation of the blood increases.
  • The personal well-being is increased.
  • Wound healing is accelerated because all germs are killed.
  • Even resistant germs are killed.

Available immediately for ETS air purification systems





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