Professional Air Purifier - AP-220

Professional Air Purification System AP-220 with Tuya Smart Home Technology

Professional Air Purifier - AP-220 with Tuya Smart Home

With tuya app control

Professional Air Purifier - AP-220 with Tuya Smart Home

The AP-220 is specially designed for large rooms. Above a certain room size, the air in the room no longer circulates evenly in all areas. Therefore, the AP-220 was designed with four adjustable air nozzles.

With this system, the airflow can be individually adjusted for both, narrow long rooms and wide rooms.

Furthermore, the air purification system has a modular design. Thus, heating and air conditioning can be integrated on request.

The air jets can also be optionally equipped with LED RGB lighting.

Like all ETS systems, the AP-220 also has the proven five-stage air purification system. Optionally, the standard plasma stage can be exchanged for a stronger bipolar ion system (Thunderbox®). The effects are a refreshing air, higher oxygen saturation, destruction of viruses, bacteria and organic matter in the entire room and not only in the vicinity of the air purifier or through the filtering.

For rooms up to 220 m² and a cleaning capacity of 2,200 m³/h, Dimensions: 1820x680x500 mm.

Air purification systems are used wherever indoor air quality is important and pollutants need to be reliably removed. These are for example:
Business premises, exhibition rooms, seminar rooms, trade fairs, pubs, restaurants, bars (also windowless gastronomy), old people's and nursing homes, hospitals, communal accommodation, waiting rooms, sports facilities & gyms, wellness areas, changing rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

Technical data AP-220
Recommended area 220 m²
Air volume 2,200 m³/h
Operating voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Connection cable 1.8 m / 3.0 m / 4.0 m or desired length (specify when ordering)
Connector plug CEE 7/7 (Schuko plug)
Motor EC motor (electronic control)
Dimensions 1820 x 680 x 500 mm
Weight 115 kg
Operating temperature 5 °C – 40 °C
Relative humidity < 80 %
Automatic mode yes
Operation Touch, IR remote control, Tuya app (WiFi)
Tuya Smart Home yes
Display PM2.5, HCHO, TVOC, CO2, temperature, humidity, fan speed, WiFi, AI automatic mode, remaining filter time
Sensors PM2.5, HCHO, TVOC, CO2, temperature, humidity
Other functions timer, night mode, child lock
Pre-filter yes
HEPA-filter H14
Dust class H14 - according to DIN EN 1822 (ISO 45H filter ISO 29463)
H - according to DIN EN 60335-2-69
F7 - according to DIN EN 779:2002
Activated carbon filter yes, honeycomb
UV-lamp yes (3x36W| 254 nm)
Photocatalyst yes (TiO2)
Plasma yes 
Air duct Inlet below, 4 sides / outlet in front, 4 air nozzles adjustable
Change interval UV-lamp approx. 8000 h (timer)
Test reports CE, ROHS, EMC
Housing White, galvanized steel, lacquered

Volume (measured, 1m)
Level L: 35 dB
Level M: 40 dB
Level H: 58 dB
Volume (measured, 3m)
Level L: 34 dB
Level M: 39 dB
Level H: 50 dB

Power consumption:
Standby: n/a
Level L: 107 W
Level M: 195W
Level H: 309 W
Night Mode:: 104 W

Technical data determined in laboratories of AW Laboratories. Air volume measured with new filters. Volume measured in normal application environment, different room acoustics due to wall coverings and interior furnishings, and different measurement methods used in the industry may affect the measurement result.

AP-220 Accessories:

Pre-filter SET Air Purifier AP-220

Pre-filter SET

HEPA H14 Medical Filter Air Purifier AP-220

HEPA H14 Medical Filter

Activated carbon filter Air Purifier AP-220

Activated carbon filter

UV lamp air Purifier AP-220

UV lamp


Our AP-90 air purifier special models:

Would you like an air purifier in a different colour or with a Sign of your company to match your interior?
no problem - we manufacture the systems according to your wishes for an additional charge.

Air purifier - Special series "Contemporary Witnesses”

Special series "Contemporary Witnesses”

Air purifier - Special series "Art”

Air purifier - Special series "Art”

Air purifier - Special series "Color-Line”

Air purifier - Special series "Color-Line”

Air purifier - Special series "City-Line”

Air purifier - Special series "City-Line”

Other products:



The system is specially designed for fully automated contactless distance fever measurement in appliance with the Corona distance rules for persons.



The system is specially designed for fully automated contactless and simultaneous fever measurement for groups of people.

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